February 28, 2013


There’s just something eerie about Matthew Goode (Watchmen).  It’s almost as if the poor guy is too damn good looking, his smile a little too perfect, his hair too evenly keeled and parted…  There must surely be something wrong with him.  If it is human instinct to weed out the proper characteristics of even the most undesirable of beings, then the opposite must also be true.  One can’t help but search for any imperfection to poor ol’ Goode’s character.  Behind that smile and hair, there must lurk something less.  And Goode uses that to his full advantage.  As the too charming, too handsome Uncle Charlie in the melodrama-masquerading-as-a-thriller Stoker, Goode revels in the malevolence hiding just underneath his pearly whites.  After the sudden death of his brother, Uncle Charlie shacks up with his sibling’s widowed wife and young daughter under the guise of helping them through their grief.  Of course his true intentions are far more perverse and sinister.

In the following interview with Goode, he discusses his distaste for most horror films, working with the meticulous Park Chan-Wook (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance) and his upcoming roles in television (BBC’s Dancing on the Edge) and film (the period piece Belle).  For the full interview, hit the jump.

And here are my video interviews with Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska, in case you missed them.

Matthew Goode:

  • 00:00 – Mathew Goode on his distaste for most horror films and what drew him to Stoker
  • 01:24 – On working with Park Chan-Wook
  • 02:18 – Has he been following the Before Watchmen comic series?
  • 02:32 – Differences he finds between television and film
  • 03:02 – Dancing on The Edge – Does the ‘period piece’ aspect of the project interest him?
  • 03:22 – On his character in the upcoming Belle


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