Matthew McConaughey Talks KILLER JOE, Richard Linklater, DAZED AND CONFUSED, and THE LINCOLN LAWYER Sequel

     July 27, 2012


Now playing, in limited release, is director William Friedkin‘s controversial thriller Killer Joe.  Based on the play by Tracey Letts, the NC-17-rated film centers on a son (Emile Hirsch) and his father (Thomas Haden Church) who hire a cop moonlighting as a hitman (Matthew McConaughey) to murder their mother in order to get her insurance policy.  The film also stars Juno Temple as Hirsch’s sister and Gina Gershon.  Loaded with great performances and an insane third act, Killer Joe is definitely worth checking out.  For more on the film, here’s the trailer, a clip, and my interview with Hirsch.

The other day I sat down with McConaughey here in Los Angeles. We talked about making Killer Joe, his initial reaction to the script, how the finished film compares to the script, his favorite movies, and more.  In addition, we talked about his movies with Richard Linklater, Wooderson (from Dazed and Confused), and the status of The Lincoln Lawyer sequel.  Hit the jump to watch..

Matthew McConaughey Time Index:

  • :15 If he was on a desert island, what movies would he have to have with him?  Mentions Tropic Thunder.
  • :34 Talks about his movies with Richard Linklater. Says they create the character together.
  • 1:22 His first reaction to reading the Killer Joe script.  He was disgusted and wanted to take a shower and didn’t want anything to do with it.  His friends clued him into the dark humor of the film.
  • 2:32 How close was the finished film to the initial script?
  • 3:32 Update on the Lincoln Lawyer sequel.


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