Matthew McConaughey Will Not Be Back for MAGIC MIKE XXL, Movie is “Very Different”

     September 17, 2014


This isn’t entirely unexpected, but we can put a big R.I.P. on the wishful thoughts that every Magic Mike cast member would be back for Magic Mike XXL.  Despite the global success of director Steven Soderbergh’s original film (the $7 million budget was rewarded with a $167 million worldwide gross), co-star Matthew McConaughey will not be returning.  I’m not too surprised since the sequel is already shooting and we hadn’t heard too much about his involvement.

Magic Mike XXL is being directed by Gregory Jacobs and will be shot by Peter Andrews (aka Steven Soderbergh) and edited by Mary Ann Bernard (aka Steven Soderbergh).  And don’t worry, it still stars Channing Tatum.  Hit the jump for more on Matthew McConaughey not coming back for Magic Mike XXL.

magic-mike-MATTHEW-McCONAUGHEYDirector Gregory Jacobs told Indiewire that McConaughey would indeed not be returning. Whether this was a creative or scheduling issue I don’t know, but it could be that there wasn’t room for his character in the sequel given how vastly different it’s supposed to be.

Per Jacobs:

“What am I allowed to say? It’s a road trip movie and put it this way, it’s different enough that once you see it you’ll understand why we made a sequel.  No one will be accusing us of making the same movie twice.”

Prediction? It will still be awesome.


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