Matthew McConaughey Joins Stoner Comedy ‘The Beach Bum,’ Channels His 2009 Self

     February 7, 2017


Remember 2009? For Matthew McConaughey, it marked a time where he was a staple of (mostly forgettable) romantic comedies, having just completed Failure to Launch, Fool’s Gold, and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Yes there were movies like We Are Marshall and The Lincoln Lawyer in there, but for the most part McConaughey was known to the public for being the romantic lead, and in her personal life, playing bongos and meditating shirtless on Malibu beach. So the man enjoys the ocean, so what? Mainly, it marked a time where he wasn’t exactly considered a serious actor.

And then, the McConaissance happened. Mud! Magic Mike! (Yes, Magic Mike) Dallas Byers Club! The Wolf of Wall Street! True Detective! Suddenly he’s everywhere, and winning awards left and right, including an Oscar.


Image via STX Entertainment

I bring up this history lesson because the first thing I thought when I read that McConaughey has been cast in the self-styled stoner comedy The Beach Bum was “this is Peak 2009 McConaughey.” They movie comes from Harmony Korine, who brought us Spring Breakers, and according to Variety:

“‘The Beach Bum’ follows the hilarious misadventures of Moondog, a rebellious and lovable rogue who lives life large.”

LeGrisbi Productions’ John Lesher said: “In ‘The Beach Bum,’ Harmony has crafted the perfect movie for our dark and serious time — a refreshingly original, irreverent, and hilarious stoner comedy that only he could create.”

So with this I wonder: where will The Beach Bum fit into the McConaughey canon? Is this progressive or regressive? Will he be shirtless and playing bongos on the beach again with blonde curls, because to be honest I wouldn’t be opposed to it. Or will it be some kind of subversive statement on what we would think a 2009 McConaughey movie would be like?

More as we know it; in the meantime, let’s talk about our favorite roles of McConaughey past. Mud is close to being the favorite, but Rust Cohle is always going to win out for me.


Image via HBO

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