Matthew Vaughn Planning ‘Kick-Ass’ Reboot, ‘Kingsman’ Sequel, Spinoff, and TV Series

     June 8, 2018


Filmmaker Matthew Vaughn may or may not direct a Superman movie at some point, but regardless, he’s plenty busy building out his own universe. The producer-turned-director made a big splash with his 2010 R-rated comic book adaptation Kick-Ass and most recently put his signature spin on the spy genre with two Kingsman movies, and now Vaughn reveals he’s got even more planned for these two Mark Millar franchises in the future.

Speaking with Emipre, Vaughn said he’s working on a Kick-Ass reboot that could potentially find Patience Lee, an African-American single mother taking on the vigilante mantle, stepping into the lead role. Kick-Ass was a breath of fresh air at the time, but the Jeff Wadlow-directed sequel Kick-Ass 2 crossed the line into bad taste when it came to the material’s mix of violence and lack of empathy. It’ll be interesting to see how audiences respond to yet another Kick-Ass movie, and if Vaughn would be interested in directing or if he’ll just produce.


Image via Universal Pictures

Vaughn also says a Hit-Girl movie is in discussion, either picking up with an older version of Mindy Macready or taking a look at her younger years growing up with Big Daddy. Chloe Grace Moretz played Hit-Girl in the previous two movies while Nicolas Cage memorably played Big Daddy, but it’s unclear if either of those actors would return or if Vaughn would be starting from scratch.

As for Kingsman, the sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle grossed $410 million worldwide, just $4 million shy of the first movie’s haul, so it appears all things are go for Kingsman 3. Vaughn says that film will complete the Harry Hart-Eggsy relationship, but he’s got plenty more Kingsman material in the works. Vaughn wants to shoot a spinoff called Kingsman: The Great Game back to back with Kingsman 3. The spinoff would be set during the turn of the century, following the organization in the early 1900s. Additionally, Vaughn has plans for an eight-hour Kingsman TV show as well as a Statesman movie following the American spy world that was introduced in The Golden Circle.


Image via 20th Century Fox

I adore the first Kingsman but found the sequel a bit lackluster, and while these movies are indeed successful, a sequel, two spinoffs, and a TV series seems like a little overkill. This ain’t Star Wars, so I’ll be curious to see what actually does get made out of these announced plans.

However, Vaughn has something going for him that a lot of other filmmakers don’t: His own studio. These plans are all announced under the banner of Marv Studios, which he describes as “the modern version of what a studio can be,” so technically these could all come to fruition independently. If there are folks willing to shell out the cash for these ventures, I suppose it’s possible more than one of these projects could come to light in the near future.

As for Man of Steel 2, still no confirmation on that front and last we heard Vaughn has simply just had conversations with Warner Bros. about possibly helming a DC movie. And it doesn’t sound like he’s sitting by the phone waiting for them to figure the DCEU out, so look for Vaughn to get back behind the camera again on something soon.

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