Max Irons, Julie Christie, and Gary Oldman Join Catherine Hardwicke’s GIRL WITH THE RED RIDING HOOD

     April 23, 2010


Max Irons (son of Jeremy Irons) has joined Amanda Seyfried and Shiloh Fernandez in Catherine Hardwicke’s Girl with the Red Riding HoodHeat Vision also reports that Julie Christie and Gary Oldman are in talks to come on board the flick, which is a gothic retelling of the “Little Red Riding Hood” fairy tale.  This version is set in a medieval village that’s trying to fend off a werewolf.

Irons will play “Henri, the son of a blacksmith who, through an arrangement, is to marry Seyfried’s character.”  However, we learned earlier this week that Fernandez was cast as, “an orphaned woodcutter for whom Seyfried falls, much to the displeasure of her family.”  This likely means that Henri is a jerk and/or is going to die horribly so Seyfried and Fernandez can be together.  As for Christie, she would play Seyfried’s grandmother.  As for Oldman, he would be “Father Soloman, a man whose title is the Witchfinder General and whose job is to find and kill the werewolf.”  One of the coolest things you can put on a resume or business card is “Witchfinder General.”

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