Exclusive ‘Mayhem’ Poster Unleashes the Ultimate Hostile Work Environment

     September 15, 2017


Work sucks. Even if you’re lucky enough to like your job, if you work for a living you’re going to run into all the personality conflicts, power plays, and tedious minutiae that tend to make earning a living a bit of a bitch. The paycheck that’s never quite enough, the promotions you should have got that went to someone else, the unreciprocated office crush; it all builds up. Now imagine if you took all that compressed rage, angst, bitterness, and lust and unleashed it full force, with no sense of decorum or restraint keeping you from letting everyone know exactly how you feel. Such is the premise at work in the aptly titled Mayhem, Joe Lynch‘s crowd-pleasing action horror film, for which we’re happy to debut an exclusive new poster today.

The film follows the inhabitants of one such office when a dangerous virus infects the staff, leaving them at the whim of their wildest impulses. In the midst of the chaos, we follow Derek Cho (Steven Yeun), a man having an extremely bad day at work after being unjustly fired, and his former client Melanie Ross (Samara Weaving), who might be even more pissed off at the firm than he is. Together the duo indulges in their insane inclinations and claws their way up the food chain, literally, fighting like hell to reach the big brass on the top floor and settle their scores once and for all.

Written by Matias Caruso, Mayhem also stars Steven Brand, Caroline Chikezie, Dallas Roberts, Mark Frost, and Andre Erikson. The film arrives in theaters and on VOD November 10. Check out the new art below.


Here’s the official synopsis for Mayhem:

“Derek Cho (Steven Yeun, “The Walking Dead”) is having a really bad day. After being unjustly fired from his job, he discovers that the law firm’s building is under quarantine for a mysterious and dangerous virus. Chaos erupts throughout the office as the victims of the disease begin acting out their wildest impulses. Joining forces with a former client (Samara Weaving, “Ash vs Evil Dead”) who has a grudge of her own, Derek savagely fights tooth and nail to get to the executives on the top floor and settle the score once and for all.”

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