McG Options the Rights to THE DUFF

     June 1, 2010

Director-producer McG (Terminator Salvation) has optioned the feature film rights to Kody Keplinger’s upcoming novel, The DUFF. The book won’t be out until September, but Variety explains the title and what the novel is about by saying this:

“”DUFF,” which stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend, focuses on a 17-year-old high school student who realizes she’s the epitome of “Duffness” and subsequently struggles with maintaining her sense of identity while juggling a tumultuous home life.”

Since this is in the earliest stages of development right now, not much else is currently known.  I will say that I’m surprised that McG will not be developing a TV series instead of a film since it sounds like good material for a teen friendly show and also because McG is no stranger to TV, having already been an executive producer on The O.C., Chuck,  and Supernatural.  It’s also not known if McG will decide to direct The DUFF, but it seems unlikely as of right now since he’s currently attached to the action-comedy This Means War and The Girl Who Conned The Ivy League, starring Amanda Seyfried.


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