‘Me Him Her’ Trailer: Max Landis’ Manic Movie Feature an Unhinged Haley Joel Osmet

     March 4, 2016


Chronicle and American Ultra writer Max Landis has now turned his attention to the director’s chair in his directorial debut Me Him Her. The movie stars Luke Bracey (Point Break), Dustin Milligan (90210), and Emily Meade (The Leftovers) as three L.A. millennials trying to figure out their lives. We premiered the first clip for the movie back in June, where our own Steve Frosty Weintraub also spoke to Landis about his new movie and more.

Now, EW has landed an exclusive new trailer, which Landis oversaw personally, saying he wasn’t happy with the more generic trailer that came before it, and that it didn’t capture the movie’s tone. The movie is obviously a personal one for Landis, who told EW,

Most of the things in the movie really happened to me,” he says. “There are large elements of the movie that are based on a true story, which is the only thing I’ve ever written like that. I almost never write about myself in scripts. Me Him Her is sort of the lone exception to that rule.


Image via Big Beach Films

He also mentions that he wanted to “learn on” a movie that was of a smaller scale than his science fiction films. Still, Me Him Her looks pretty manic, and not at all a low-key rom-com (Ladis told Steve back in June that “The first cut had a mountain lion, the devil, and numerous other scenes that were cut out”). There’s also an intriguing cameo from Haley Joel Osmet, of which Landis said,

I’m friends with Haley Joel and I was frantic to have him in there because I wanted to do a fictionalized version of him. Haley is a a very grounded, sweet, smart, funny guy. He is as well-adjusted, and as good as an actor as you could hope for, from this insane upbringing in the industry. I thought it would be fun to turn him into a complete monster.”

“Fuck that shit. We’re in Los Angeles.” Check out the trailer below:

Me Him Her will be released in Los Angeles and New York on Friday, March 11th, and will also be available on VOD and digital platforms.

Here’s the film’s official synopsis:

Max Landis (screenwriter, Chronicle), makes his highly anticipated directorial debut with Me Him Her, a comedy of errors, manners, and fencing for three millennials trying to figure out love, friendship, sex, identity, and life in the fantastical world of L.A. Starring Dustin Milligan (Extract), Luke Bracey (Point Break), Emily Meade (“The Leftovers”), Alia Shawkat (“Arrested Development”), and Rebecca Drysdale (“The Big Gay Sketch Show”), with a wild cameo turn from Haley Joel Osment (Tusk), this wildly original tale speaks an authentic and universal language of youth.


Image via Big Beach Films


Image via Big Beach Films


Image via Big Beach Films


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