‘Mean Girls’: Did Karen Ever Write in The Burn Book? Amanda Seyfried Weighs In

     May 13, 2020

It’s always a good time to talk Mean Girls, and thankfully, Amanda Seyfried was game to do just that during our Scoob! interview this week. We’ll have our full conversation about her  experience voicing Daphne in the new animated feature coming your way soon, but right now, we’ve got to talk about that Burn Book. 

Yes, Seyfried’s character Karen was a member of The Plastics and The Plastics were responsible for the ultimate collection of girl-on-girl hate and rumors, the Burn Book, but did Karen even write a single entry in it herself? Perhaps you can make the argument that Karen would just go with the flow and follow Regina (Rachel McAdams) and Gretchen (Lacey Chabert), but I’m of the opinion that Karen was merely an onlooker here. Not only did Karen not even utter a single hateful thing throughout the entire movie, but it also seems more likely that Regina and Gretchen – but mainly Regina – wouldn’t even give Karen the chance to write in it anyway.


Image via Paramount Pictures

Where does Seyfried stand on the matter? Here’s what she said:

“No! No, she didn’t She totally didn’t. She was a part of it but she didn’t – she has nothing to say about anybody – she has nothing mean to say about anybody. She just associated with people who are very insecure and, you know, I don’t think if she was just without The Plastics, I don’t think she would be insecure. I mean, her nail beds suck, but that’s all she can say about herself?”

So there you have it! If someone ever tells you that Karen was guilty of putting pen to paper to contribute to the Burn Book, you just tell them Amanda Seyfried says it isn’t so. And an extra round of applause to Seyfried for that quick nail beds reference. For anyone who knows the movie top to bottom, it’s a delight to see the cast pull some of the best beats on the spot so many years later.

Keep an eye out for our full conversation with Seyfried coming soon in honor of Scoob’s May 15th at-home debut. We’ll also have interviews with Will Forte who voices Shaggy, Jason Isaacs who voices the villainous Dick Dastardly, and Kiersey Clemons and Ken Jeong who play Dee Dee Skyes and Dynomutt, respectively.

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