First Trailer and Poster for MEETING EVIL Starring Samuel L. Jackson

     March 9, 2012


The first trailer and poster for the adaptation of Thomas Berger’s noir thriller Meeting Evil has gone online. If you’ve ever wanted to see Samuel L. Jackson essentially play the Devil, this is your movie. Luke Wilson plays a real estate salesman who is sent into a depression after being fired from his job. One day he ends up going on a joy ride with a stranger named Richie that brings the two down a path towards violence. The movie itself doesn’t look terrible, but it certainly feels like straight-to-DVD fare. The acting is fine, but the trailer pretty much shows the entire movie and I wasn’t thrilled by the results.

Hit the jump to check the trailer out for yourself. Directed by Chris Fisher (S. Darko), the film also stars Leslie Bibb. Meeting Evil will be available VOD on March 30th and hits theaters on May 4th.

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Here’s the synopsis for Meeting Evil:

When John Fleton, a depressed suburban family man and recently fired realtor, offers to help a stranger, Richie, with his car, John is sucked into a surreal, nightmarish murder spree that forces him to question everything about his life, his mode of behavior, and the very nature of evil…


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