Megan Fox and Johnny Simmons Exclusive Video Interview JENNIFER’S BODY

     September 17, 2009

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Opening tomorrow is “Jennifer’s Body”. The film stars the always ready to give an outrageous quote Megan Fox, as well as Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Simmons and Adam Brody. I saw a screening and have to say, I really liked it. Yes, I’m recommending a film made by 20th Century Fox. It’s been awhile since I’ve said that. Feels nice.

Anyway, just a few days ago at the Toronto Film Festival, I got to interview Megan Fox and Johnny Simmons. They talked about what being at the Festival was like, being at the premiere, I try to find out about the party scene at TIFF, and what filming the movie was like. Watch the interview after the jump:

And before watching, here’s a link to seven clips from “Jennifer’s Body”. Again, the film gets released this weekend.

Megan Fox and Johnny Simmons

  • What is it like to promote a film at the Toronto Film Festival and what is the nightlife like
  • What was the premiere like? I heard the screening went over extremely well
  • The pool scene

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