Mel and Max Brooks Share Adorable, Funny Coronavirus PSA

     March 16, 2020


The coronavirus, to put it simply, is scary. Folks are quarantining themselves, the sources of pop culture we use to ease our anxieties are delaying everything left and right, and there’s lots of panic-stricken loneliness. In times like these, it’s important to recognize those sources of objective light. In this case: It’s absolutely father-and-son duo Mel Brooks and Max Brooks making an absolutely wonderful coronavirus PSA on Twitter.


Image via 20th Century Fox

Mel Brooks is, of course, a comedy legend responsible for such masterpieces as The ProducersYoung Frankenstein, and a wonderful partnership with Carl Reiner. Max Brooks, his son, is a horror legend responsible for such masterpieces as The Zombie Survival GuideWorld War Z, and The Harlem Hellfighters. Put the two of them together with some easily digestible facts on how to stop the spread of the coronavirus — honey, you’ve got yourself a legendary video.

I’m struck by how hopeful, bright, and optimistic this video is. The Brooks family, using a delightfully simple piece of physical comedy, shares exactly what to do during these times, while making us laugh with a sense of humor both perfectly morbid (please protect Reiner and Dick Van Dyke) and surprisingly earnest (watching Mel wave after his son at the end made me tear up, straight up). If you, like many of us, are feeling anxious about this whole thing, watch this video posthaste. And then wash ya dang hands!

Check out the wonderful PSA in all its glory below. For more on Mel, here’s our review of the 40th anniversary Blazing Saddles blu-ray. And for more on Max, here’s some more information he shared on Reddit.

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