Mel Gibson, Emile Hirsch Battle Bad Guys During a Hurricane in ‘Force of Nature’ Trailer

     May 18, 2020


Mel Gibson and Emile Hirsch may have each had their run-ins with the law, but in a new trailer for Lionsgate’s action-thriller Force of Nature, the Hollywood bad boys are up against something much more powerful than the police — a Category 5 hurricane.

Kate Bosworth co-stars in the film, which was directed by her husband, Michael Polish, who is working in grittier territory than usual here.


Hirsch plays a cop who is trying to evacuate an apartment complex when he runs into Dr. Troy (Bosworth) and her father, the latter of whom stubbornly refuses to leave his home despite the raging storm outside. Little do they know that a group of thieves led by David Zayas (Dexter) are breaking into the building in pursuit of $55 million that has been hidden somewhere on the property. Gibson reveals himself to be a retired detective who is familiar with the bad guys, and won’t let them walk away with the money without a good old-fashioned fight.

I’m a sucker for these kinds of movies, and even though Gibson and Hirsch have plenty of detractors, I’m the kind of person who tends to separate the art from the artist. I certainly don’t condone Gibson’s anti-Semitic rant and Hirsch’s physical assault of a female colleague, but those incidents didn’t prevent me from enjoying Dragged Across Concrete or Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, respectively.

Of course, you may have a different opinion on those matters, and I can respect that. These guys aren’t for everyone. But, if they are still for you, then watch the trailer below courtesy of — just make sure to blow it up to full screen. Lionsgate Home Entertainment will release Force of Nature on VOD and DVD/Blu-ray on June 30.

Gibson will soon be seen opposite Frank Grillo in Joe Carnahan‘s action movie Boss Level, which Collider screened back in February. Click here for an extremely candid Q&A with Grillo and Carnahan, who like Gibson, aren’t ones to hold back, especially when it comes to swearing up a storm.

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