Mel Gibson Is Director Shane Black’s COLD WARRIOR

     January 27, 2010


Heat Vision reports that Mel Gibson, continuing his quest to earn back America’s love, has signed on to kick some Russian ass in Cold Warrior, the sophomore directorial effort from Lethal Weapon writer Shane Black. The film will see Gibson play a retired Cold War operative who is called back into action when a threat against America arises from within the former Soviet Union. It was written by Charles Mondry and will be produced by Michelle Manning, David Greenblatt, and Anthony Bagarozzi.

Shane Black’s first go-round in the helmer’s chair, the quirky neo-noir Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, is one of my all-time favorite films. And naturally, I love the Lethal Weapon flicks…or at least the ones that Black was directly involved in. The guy just has a gift for balancing action with great dialogue and endearing characters, which is no easy feat. Of course, Black didn’t write the script for Cold Warrior and, based on the synopsis, I think he might be planning to make something that’s a bit more serious in tone than most of his previous work, but I’ve still got faith. Can’t wait for this one.

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