TWILIGHT Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg to Tackle HIGHLANDER Remake Script

     February 9, 2011


Well that was unexpected. Melissa Rosenberg, who has written the screenplays for all of the Twilight films, is in negotiations to come on board the Highlander reboot to work on that script. Justin Lin (Fast Five) is on board to direct the film, which will be a remake of the 1986 Christopher Lambert cheese-fest classic (and winner of the Academy Award for Best Movie Ever, according to Ricky Bobby). Neal Mortiz is producing the film, and when he recently sat down with Steve he said that the film will “stay true to the core of what we believe Highlander is,” but they also want to make it “for people who are new to the franchise.”

The most recent draft of the script was written by The Wibberley’s (National Treasure). Heat Vision’s report doesn’t state if Rosenberg is coming in to do “touch-ups” or to completely re-tool the script. There’s no release date set for the film yet, but it’s presumed to be Lin’s next film.

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