Exclusive Mondo Poster Debut for ‘Men & Chicken’ Designed by Alan Hynes

     April 27, 2016


As Hannibal fans will note, it is slightly disconcerting to see Mads Mikkelsen in a comedic role, or a role requiring so much emotion on the whole (and with a mustache no less!) His Hannibal Lecter was so cooly unaffected, and Mikkelsen made his aura of class and menace so uniquely fascinating. But here he is in this Danish dark comedy from Anders Thomas Jensen that casts him as one in a pair of socially dysfunctional brothers, and he’s glorious. But of course he is.

The film is Men & Chicken (not plural), which follows the brothers who have “not been dealt the best cards … in fact, they have no cards” as they seek to find their real father and connect with their other siblings. It looks absolutely bizarre, and in his review of the film from TIFF, Phil Brown notes that it is “a deeply weird and perverse movie designed to tickle the funny bones of viewers who are just as sick as the filmmakers.”

Now, we are able to offer you the exclusive debut of a Mondo poster for this intriguing movie from designer Alan Hynes. The title visual is clear, but it also conveys the wide-eyed innocence (ignorance? insanity?) that seems to also be a big part of the film. Check it out:


  • Artist: Alan Hynes
  • Dimensions: 24×17″
  • Edition: 75
  • Follow @mondotees for sale date info 

Also, you can take a look at the Men & Chicken trailer below:

Here’s the official synopsis:

Men & Chicken is a darkly hilarious slapstick comedy starring Mads Mikkelsen (“Hannibal,” ingeniously cast against type) about a pair of socially-challenged siblings who discover they are adopted half-brothers in their late father’s videotaped will. Their journey in search of their true father takes them to the small, insular Danish island of Ork, where they stumble upon three additional half-brothers—each also sporting hereditary harelips and lunatic tendencies—living in a dilapidated mansion overrun by barn animals. Initially unwelcome by their newfound kin, the two visitors stubbornly wear them down until they’re reluctantly invited to stay. As the misfit bunch get to know each other, they unwittingly uncover a deep family secret that ultimately binds them together.

Directed by acclaimed, Oscar®-winning director Anders Thomas Jensen and co-starring David Dencik (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), the inventively bizarre Men & Chicken has been described as an outlandish hybrid of The Three Stooges and The Island of Dr. Moreau.


Image via TIFF


Image via TIFF


Image via TIFF


Image via TIFF

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