September 12, 2011


Just because Men in Black III has experienced some bumps and bruises along the course of its production doesn’t mean that the MIB franchise isn’t still a Hollywood heavyweight. Released in 1997 and 2002 respectively, let us not forget that the first two installments in the franchise garnered more than a combined $1 billion at the worldwide box office against an approximate combined budget of $230 million. With this blockbuster status in mind, Sony Pictures Entertainment and IMAX Corporation apparently have similarly high hopes for the third installment as they have announced that Men in Black III will be digitally remastered and released in IMAX 3D when it hits theaters worldwide on May 25, 2012. According to Sony Pictures Releasing president Rory Bruer:

“Releasing a film in IMAX 3D signals an event release, and Men in Black III on Memorial Day weekend certainly qualifies in a big way. We couldn’t be more excited about how MIB III will look and sound in IMAX theatres.”

As a quick reminder, the film is directed by franchise mainstay Barry Sonnenfeld and stars Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin and Alice Eve. While plot details are not available in abundance, we do know that the film will feature a time-traveling element that sees Agent J (Smith) go back in time to save a young Agent K (Brolin) while averting a world-ending disaster.

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