Production on MEN IN BLACK III Pushed Back Again

     February 15, 2011


The oft-delayed production of Men in Black III just hit another bump in the road. Director Barry Sonnenfeld rolled cameras on the flick back in November, with production set to take a two-month hiatus from December to February to work on script issues, after which everyone would head back to work to finish the film up. Well, it appears that those script issues haven’t been quite cleared up yet, as production has now been moved back to March 28th.

24 Frames reports that filming on the 3D flick was set to resume this week, but producers put the kibosh on that and slated production to resume in one month’s time. Sonnefeld and company shot most of the present day-set scenes before the year was out, and were set to come back this month to roll on the time-travel scenes (involving Josh Brolin as a young Agent K), which were to have been cleaned up in a script rewrite. Hit the jump for more.

men_in_black_III_3D_movie_logoJeff Nathanson (Catch Me if You Can) was brought in to punch up the previous draft of the script written by Etan Cohen (Tropic Thunder), specifically those scenes involving the time-travel aspect of the film. When the production “hitatus” was announced, producers chalked it up to a tax-saving issue, claiming they would save money by rolling before 2010 was over and then take advantage of Spring weather for some scenes needing a “warmer climate.”  With production being pushed back yet again, for script issues again, I think we can effectively call bullshit.

The plot reportedly involves the villain, played by Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement, traveling back in time to assassinate Agent Kay, which sets off a chain of events the ends in the destruction of the world. Will Smith and Rip Torn return, with Tommy Lee Jones involved in the film in some capacity. Emma Thompson and Nicole Scherzinger also star (set photos of whom you can see here), and you can bet on a good deal of amusing cameos.

Hopefully Nathanson is able to fix whatever problems the script seems to be plagued with. Men in Black II was entertaining enough, though it lacked the spark that made the original so fun/quirky. Men in Black III is currently slated for a May 25th, 2012 release in 3D. No word if this prolonged production hiatus will affect that release date, but unless the film involves a great deal of Gollum-like visual effects shots, they should be able to make their release date.

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