‘Merry Happy Whatever’s Dennis Quaid & Brent Morin Discuss Their Holiday Traditions

     November 30, 2019

Over Dennis Quaid’s prolific career, the actor’s appeared in nearly a hundred films and tv series – Westerns, horror, action, comedy… Any genre or medium you can think of… Except one: the sitcom. That all changes with Merry Happy Whatever—a seemingly old-fashioned multi-cam focusing on a dysfunctional family bonding and (mostly) tearing each other apart over the Holiday Season. Quaid stars as Don, the patriarch of the family; old-fashioned and conservative, he keeps all his children on their toes (and even more so – his children’s significant others). Much of the first season focuses on Don’s relationship with Matt (Brent Morin) – his daughter, Emmy’s new boyfriend. Matt immediately seeks Don’s approval to marry his daughter… which he, of course, doesn’t get. It’s a familiar set-up, but one that Merry Happy Whatever twists as the season progresses, particularly towards the end– which skews far more dramatic than the first episodes would suggest.


Image via Netflix

In the following interview with stars Dennis Quaid & Brent Morin, they discuss their holiday traditions, what it’s like being Dennis Quaid’s dog and what inspired Quaid to do his first-ever sitcom role. For the full interview, watch above.

Dennis Quaid & Brent Morin:
(Of note: Quaid brought his dog Peaches for all interviews at the junket)

  • What are the holidays like for Dennis Quaid’s dog, Peaches?
  • What are Quaid and Morin’s holiday traditions?
  • How dysfunctional is Brent Morin’s holidays as compared to the show?
  • What provoked Dennis Quaid to star in his first sitcom?