‘Metal Gear’: Jordan Vogt-Roberts Celebrates the Game’s 31st Anniversary with New Teaser

     July 13, 2018


31 years ago today, Hideo Kojima‘s Metal Gear first arrived on the MSX2 computer system in Europe and Japan, launching the stealth game sub-genre and kicking off the iconic video game franchise that continues to this day. But Special Forces operative Solid Snake and the massive battle-mech Metal Gear will no longer be restricted to just video games. Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island) has started up the hype train for, presumably, his eventual live-action adaptation of the award-winning series.

While we’d love to have some more official confirmation by way of press releases and the like, Vogt-Roberts took to Twitter today to share this awesome video that should please MG fans in more ways than one. It features Colonel Campbell contacting fans over the Codec to bring them up to speed on the state of the Metal Gear movie. (It seems that Snake is currently tasked with retrieving said update from behind enemy lines, so here’s hoping he has plenty of cardboard boxes and chaff grenades at his disposal.) In the meantime, Vogt-Roberts will be releasing concept art (note: concept art, not final movie artwork) over the next 31 days to hype the project and celebrate the iconic franchise.


Check out the first of 31 teasers to come for Metal Gear:


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Image via Konami

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