METAL GEAR SOLID Peace Walker Square Enix Play Arts Kai Action Figure Images and Review

     August 31, 2010

While there have been countless action figure iterations of Metal Gear Solid’s stoic hero Snake, Square Enix has arguably delivered the definitive version. From the generous level of articulation to the jaw-dropping detail in paint and sculpt, Sneaking Suit Snake (inspired by the Sony PSP game MGS: Peacewalker), screams ‘must own’ for both fans of the character and great action figures. However, Sneaking Suit Snake is an import toy and comes with an import price; the bottom line is, ‘is this figure with the money?’ Find out after the jump.

Recently Square Enix introduced a line of 10″, highly detailed action figures under the banner ‘Play Arts Kai.’ Already the ‘Play Arts’ line has released figures from Resident Evil 5, Devil May Cry (review coming soon), and Bayonetta. The line is an interesting gambit for Square Enix; the figures are roughly 10″ in height, making them tower over standard 6″ figures and smaller than the ever-popular 1/6 scale collections on the market.

While the figures don’t fit into any standard size, they’re big enough to afford a heretofore unseen level of detail and extreme articulation while retaining their action figure roots. And, because they’re not 1/6 scale, they’re about 1/4 the price of their larger brethren. On average you’ll pay about $45.00 domestically for Sneaking Suit Snake and every other figure in the growing line. If that sounds like a lot for an action figure, it is. But the Play Arts line is intended to be a premium brand and the quality of the product speaks for its self.

Bottom line:

Articulation: 24 points = Above average
Build: Joints are sturdy, plastic has real heft = Excellent
Price: Between $40 and $50 = Fair Price for this level of quality
Availability: Domestically starting the end of October. Overseas, available now.
Overall: One of my new favorite action figure lines = Seek this figure out!

A very special thanks goes out to for supplying me with this figure for review.

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