Michael B. Jordan CHRONICLE Interview

     February 1, 2012

Michael B. Jordan CHRONICLE Interview slice

Michael B. Jordan (best known from television via Friday Night Lights and The Wire) emanates an effortless aura of “cool”. In Chronicle, the upcoming found footage + superhero flick, Jordan channels his inherent charms as Steve Montgomery – the uber-popular wannabe politician who upon exposure to a radiating crystal-of-some-kind obtains the ability of telekinesis. I spent the majority of Chronicle convinced that this Steve cat was just too cool, too smooth, too damn likable – that there must be something wrong with the kid, something he’s hiding, some sinister motive or skeleton-in-a-closet; but my paranoia was proven unfounded as Steve reveals himself to be far more empathetic and kind then even he initially lets on.

In the following interview, Michael B. Jordan talks about being just so darn likable, the political figure he emulated for Steven and his time on television (past – Wallace on The Wire and future – an upcoming stint on House). For the full interview hit the jump.

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Michael B. Jordan

  • What was it like to play someone so honest and sincere
  • Was there a political figure that he looked to for influence
  • How did the rehearsal process help shape the character
  • What is his approach for playing a scene when he’s flying versus campaigning for a High School office
  • What’s the difference between acting on TV and in the movies
  • What does he have coming up in the future

chronicle-movie-image Michael B. Jordan, Dane DeHaan and Alex Russell

chronicle-movie-image Michael B. Jordan, Dane DeHaan and Alex Russell

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