Michael B. Jordan Reteaming with ‘Black Panther’ Co-Writer for Netflix Movie ‘Failsafe’

     April 30, 2018


Michael B. Jordan is plotting yet another Black Panther reunion. While the actor is attached to lead Black Panther director Ryan Coogler’s true story drama Wrong Answer, he’s now teaming up with Black Panther co-writer Joe Robert Cole on an adaptation of the graphic novel Failsafe at Netflix. Deadline reports that the Vault Comics adaptation landed at Netflix after a bidding war, with Jordan attached to produce alongside Alana Mayo with an eye towards starring in the eventual film. Cole will handle screenplay duties.

Failsafe revolves around a man named John Ravane, who spent years tracking down and executing nanotech-enhanced super soldiers. But a decade after the last super soldier was killed, the Insurgence Program’s true legacy is revealed, and Ravane finds himself standing between a government he can’t trust and the soldiers he once hunted.

Jordan won’t decide if he’s going to star in the project until Cole’s script comes in, but it sounds like a meaty premise with some interesting socio-political undertones. That appears to be the kind of project Jordan is interested in nowadays, between his HBO adaptation of Fahrenheit 451, the aforementioned Wrong Answer, the anti-death penalty drama Just Mercy, and of course Black Panther.

This project is also a big get for Netflix, especially if Jordan stars. It seems like the kind of film that can bring together two disparate genres Netflix is interested in—engaging sci-fi/blockbuster filmmaking, and important dramas. Thus far bridging that gap has proved difficult with mixed results like Bright and Mute, but given Netflix’s seemingly infinite budget, they’ll find the right formula sooner rather than later.

Currently Jordan is shooting Creed 2, and Just Mercy may be his next project after that.

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