Michael Bay In Talks To Direct Benghazi Movie 13 HOURS

     October 29, 2014


Well this… this is something.  If Pain & Gain was one for him, and Transformers: Age of Extinction was one for them, then Michael Bay‘s potential new Benghazi movie 13 Hours is definitely payback for putting in the hours with those giant robots.  Given that Benghazi is an extremely touchy political issue it will be interesting to see where Bay, whose instincts for crowd pleasing are often spot on, falls along the spectrum of public opinion.

I actually think Bay is a smart guy who knows what he’s doing (and I think he does Transformers movies, at least in part, in order to gain the power to do stuff he’s more passionate about) so I’m actually looking forward to seeing what he’s thinking with this one.  13 Hours will be based on the Mitchell Zuckoff book of the same name and will be adapted for the screen by The Strain writer Chuck Hogan.  Hit the jump for more on Michael Bay potentially signing on for 13 Hours.

IMAX_3D_Digital_Camera_4K_Michael_BayAccording to THR:

The focus is on six members of a security team that valiantly fought to defend the many Americans stationed there. They only partially succeeded: Stevens and a foreign service worker were killed in one attack, and two contract workers were killed during a second assault on a CIA station nearby.

I liked Pain & Gain, but that had a comic bent to it that played to Bay’s obsession with the Coen Brothers.  It will be interesting to see how he adapts to territory more in the vein of Paul Greengrass or Kathryn Bigelow.  The budget is said to be in the $30-40 Million range.

What do you guys think?  Can Bay handle this more serious material?  I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled it off, but there are going to be some pissed off people either way.  That’s for sure.


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