Michael Bay Developing Drone Warfare Expert Biopic

     May 13, 2016


One thing you have to give to Michael Bay: He is dead-set on giving the men and women of our armed services the heroic treatment that, in many ways, they deserve. In his Benghazi movie, 13 Hours, his focus wasn’t so much on the hectic bureaucratic procedures that were both required and fractured at that time, but rather on the soldiers who walked right into a dangerous situation to make sure other Americans didn’t get hurt as best they could. Yeah, I’m not particularly nuts about how he essentially showcases soldiers as the only decent or brave people in the world either, and the guy can lay on the guilt-trips and sentimentality thicker than your mother, but the man does have a sense of duty to honor the troops, no matter what his personal motives might be.


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One would hope that one day he’ll give a solid look at what happens to soldiers when they get home from warfare and have no support system in one of his movies, but for now, he’s looking toward the future of warfare. As Variety reports, Bay is in early stages of developing a biopic about Brett Velicovich, a longtime expert on drone warfare, and former Army Delta Force fighter pilot. The film could end up being the first film to accurately portray the world of drone warfare, and as Variety points out, the film would also focus on the dent Velicovich put in the plans of ISIS, a group that has yet to be depicted seriously on screen.

Paramount has optioned Velicovich’s upcoming memoir (and life rights), and would likely put out the film eventually, following the company’s distribution of 13 Hours. According to Variety, the film would also feature bits of information about the rise of ISIS and the hunt for them and other high-grade terrorists that are only available in Velicovich’s memoir. There’s a lot of ways Bay and his Bay Films could go with this, especially if he’s not the one to direct it; if Clint Eastwood got his hands on this, it could be a masterwork. That being said, this sounds like exactly the kind of film Bay relishes making, and I’ll be hugely surprised if he isn’t the one who takes the helm for Velicovich’s story. We shall see.


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Image via Paramount

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