Michael Davis Interviews Clive Owen – Exclusive Video Interview

     August 3, 2007

Easily the best video interview I got at this years Comic-Con is the one you’re about to watch. It’s not because you’ll find out some big exclusive bit of news, it’s due to how much fun the two people on camera were having.

But before you get to watching, here’s how it happened.

I was on the TV line to interview both Michael Davis and Clive Owen. It ended up that I was towards the end of the line… okay, who’s kidding who, I was the end of the line.

But rather thanthink of it as aproblem, I decided to make it a positive. What I did was ask Michael Davis – the writer and director of the great movie “Shoot ‘Em Up” – if he would do me a favor. And while I’m sure he was a bit nervous at what I was about to ask, when he heard that all I wanted was for him to do the interviewing of his star on camera, he said yes and you can watch what transpired below. So while I might have gone last in the room, I really believe I got the best interview of the day.

And as you’ll see in a second, Michael starts to interview Clive and then Clive quickly turns it around on Michael. They talk about the action, the drama, the sex, and who is the audience for this film. Also, Clive does drop some info on Michael’s new script as he says that it makes “Shoot ‘Em Up” look like a kids movie.

Finally, one last thing before you watch the interview. As I posted yesterday, the official “Shoot ‘Em Up” website has been updated with a red band trailer and it’s easily the best yet. And if you go to watch it, make sure you check out the animatic with an animated version of Michael Davis doing an introduction and explained how he’d make the movie if he got the chance. So if you’re over 17 years of age…click here to watch the red band trailer.

Otherwise enjoy a great video interview with Clive Owen and Michael Davis…

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