Michael Dougherty Shares Incredible Supercut of How Sci-Fi/Horror Trained Him for Coronavirus

     May 8, 2020


Who the heck are we supposed to listen to during this coronavirus pandemic? Our president sounds like the mayor from Jaws, our aunts on Facebook sound like brainwashed weirdos from They Live, our neighbors hell-bent on storming their Costcos sound like zombies from Night of the Living Dead… hey, wait a minute. Did a lifetime spent mainlining horror and sci-fi flicks prepare us for exactly what to do during a coronavirus pandemic? Michael Dougherty and editor Evan Gorski seem to think so, and have put together quite the supercut proving their point.

trick r treat michael dougherty

Image via Warner Bros.

Dougherty, known for Trick ‘r TreatGodzilla: King of the Monsters, and my personal favorite Krampus, has spent his quarantined time staying productive. But unlike David F. Sandberg who created a new short film, or Simon Pegg and Nick Frost who remade a sequence from Shaun of the Dead, Dougherty has expertly told our current story using nothing but cleverly edited footage of familiar films. AlienThe MistThe ThingTerminator 2: Judgment DayWorld War ZThe Cabin in the WoodsThe FlyI Am Legend, and many more films pop up in this wonderfully crafted supercut. Dougherty and Gorski use these shared memories and images as macabre punchlines to modern society’s most absurd questions, even blending in subtle visual effects work to make classic clips (i.e. the Jaws mayor telling us to go back to the beaches) interact with our issues now (i.e. that clip being presented as a Fox News broadcast).

Check out the full video below, and see how many movies you can spot. For more from the mind of Dougherty, check out the intel on his upcoming Hellraiser HBO series.

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