Michael Fassbender on ‘Alien: Covenant’s Mix of “High-End Technology and Primitive Elements”

     May 15, 2016


Michael Fassbender is currently in Sydney, Australia filming Ridley Scott’s follow-up to Prometheus, titled Alien: Covenant, and all current information indicates that his character–the android David–was able to keep his head, in a manner of speaking. Though little in the way of plot is leaking its way off the set, Fassbender was more than happy enough to share his thoughts on the experience so far. He’ll be the lone returning character from the first film as the new cast features Billy Crudup, Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride, Jussie Smollett and Demian Bichir. Keep an eye out for the anticipated film due out on August 4, 2017.

In a chat about his variety of films that are due in theaters over the next weeks, months, and years, Fassbender talked about reteaming with Scott for work on Alien: Covenant with Inquirer.net (via AVP Galaxy). For critics of Prometheus and its use of tech that appeared to be far more advanced than that used in films that came after it chronologically, it looks like the complaints may have been addressed. Oh, and if you were worried that the classic chest-bursters wouldn’t be revisited in some fashion, Fassbender also puts those fears to rest.


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Here’s his opener:

“There are going to be great sets and aliens coming out of people.”

Well that’s good to hear! For the audiences, at least; not so much the crew of the colony ship Covenant who happen upon David while exploring what they believe to be an extraterrestrial paradise. It remains to be seen just how much of a haven this planet really is, but as far as what it will look like:

“The sets are fantastic. Again, the most impressive sets I’ve seen since ‘Prometheus,’ which was the original setting. It’s a fantastic mixture of high-end technology and primitive elements. The way that I can explain it is the same way that Ridley did ‘Blade Runner.’”

Fassbender also comments on the rations available to the crew, a filmmaking decision that’s reminiscent of the first film in Scott’s Alien franchise:

“You have this futuristic world where people are eating noodles, because that seems to be the cheaper food and something that will fill you up. But it’s also something that harks back to the past. The weaving of those two things—past and future—together makes for an interesting world that we can aspire to, but also recognize something in it.”

michael-fassbender-alien-covenantHere’s hoping the noodles and the aliens coming out of people aren’t related. As for working with Scott again, Fassbender commented on getting to repeat the experience a second time:

“It’s amazing to watch Ridley work. I try to soak up as much knowledge as I can from him, because having worked on this kind of films a few times and having seen how many moving parts there are, how many people work on the set and how many departments need attention and the language, he’s an absolute master.”

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Image via 20th Century Fox

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