Michael Fassbender to Star in Celtic Warrior Cuchulainn Film

     February 17, 2012


Coming off a banner year with stellar turns in films as varied as Shame and X-Men: First Class, Michael Fassbender is beginning to plot out the road ahead. He’s already set to reteam with Shame director Steve McQueen for the slavery-centered period pic Twelve Years a Slave, and we recently heard that he may take the lead in Ridley Scott’s adaptation of the Cormac McCarthy screenplay The Counselor. Now Variety reports that Fassbender is developing a project of his own: an epic featuring the legendary Celtic warrior Chuchulainn. The hero is a mythological character that appears in the Ulster Cylce, a series of epic Old Irish legends that first appeared in the 8th century. Fassbender, himself an Irishman, is developing the pic with screenwriter Ronan Bennett (Public Enemies) and plans to star as the warrior.

The saga is set in the northern part of Ireland and will center on Chuchulainn, a man with semi-divine ancestry who possesses superhuman fighting skills. Chuchulainn is often compared to the Greek god Achilles in that both were fierce warriors who died young. There’s no word on what story specifically Fassbender plans to tell, but there’s a bevy of material in the Ulster Cylce to mine from. Fassbender is certainly one of the most exciting talents working today, and it’s nice to see him using his newfound prominence to propel a sort of passion project off the ground. As the pic is still in the development stage, it may be a while before we see a Chuchulainn epic come to fruition. Nevertheless, I’m eager to see the project move forward.

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