Michael Fassbender Video Interview FISH TANK

     January 13, 2010

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Opening this Friday in New York City and Los Angeles is Andrea Arnold’s Cannes Jury
Prize winner, Fish Tank.   The film is a coming-of-age story set in Britain and it’s loaded with great performances by Katie Jarvis and Michael Fassbender.  Here’s the synopsis:

Fifteen-year-old Mia (Katie Jarvis) is in a constant state of war with her family and the world around her, without any creative outlet for her considerable energies save a secret love of hip-hop dance. When she meets her party-girl mother’s charming new boyfriend Connor (Michael Fassbender), she is amazed to find he returns her attention, and believes he might help her start to make sense of her life.

Unlike Hollywood coming of age stories, Fish Tank feels real and not glamorized.  Absolutely recommended.  To help promote the film, I got to speak with Michael Fassbender and he explained why he wanted to make the film, working with Katie Jarvis, the unusual way they filmed the movie, and we even discussed Comic-Con and Centurion.  Watch the interview after the jump:

If you don’t live in Los Angeles or New York, you can watch Fish Tank when it premieres On-Demand January 27.

Michael Fassbender

  • What was his experience at Comic-Con
  • Talks about how he didn’t have a script when he signed on.  Also the unusual way they filmed the movie
  • (note – the interview was interrupted by a loud noise from outside. That’s why it’s slighted edited)
  • Working with Katie Jarvis
  • Centurion talk

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