UP Composer Michael Giacchino to Score Pixar’s INSIDE OUT

     May 27, 2014


Though composer Michael Giacchino has recently been delving into big studio tentpoles like Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and the upcoming Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Jurassic World, he hasn’t turned his back on the studio where he won his Oscar.  During a recent pre-concert Q&A, Giacchino confirmed that he will be reuniting with Up director Pete Docter to score Pixar’s Inside Out, which takes place inside a young girl’s mind and revolves around anthropomorphized versions of her emotions.  This will be Giacchino’s fifth feature film with Pixar, having previously scored UpRatatoullie, The Incredibles, and Cars 2 in addition to a number of short films—most recently Toy Story of Terror!.

Hit the jump to see what Giacchino had to say and for more on his upcoming slate.

inside-out-pixarWhile speaking before a concert for Star Trek Into Darkness in Switzerland (via Pixar Post), Giacchino spoke about his upcoming films and dropped the Inside Out news:

“I’m going to go onto a film called Tomorrowland directed by Brad Bird and that has George Clooney in it. And then after that I go onto a film called Inside Out which is directed by Pete Docter, who did the movie Up for Pixar and then after that I go right onto Jurassic World, so basically I’m working from now until next May.”

Inside Out doesn’t open in theaters until June 19, 2015 so we still have a while to wait, but Giacchino is one of the best composers working today so this is excellent news.  It’s also promising because the last time Giacchino and Docter worked together, he crafted the brilliant score for Up and won the Oscar for Best Original Score.

In the near future, other Giacchino-scored films include this summer’s sci-fi epic Jupiter Ascending and the family dramedy This Is Where I Leave You, which opens this fall.

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