Exclusive: Michael Madsen Will Do Terrible Things if You Talk or Text During a Movie in This Alamo Drafthouse PSA

     May 11, 2012


As we speak, movie theater chains across the country are debating whether or not teenagers should be allowed to text during movies, and if that doesn’t make you weep for the future, nothing will.  But before you start bawling into that handful of Kleenex, be aware that some hope remains:  deep in the heart of Texas, Tim League’s Alamo Drafthouse continues to enforce a strict no talking/no texting policy…and now they’ve enlisted Reservoir DogsMichael Madsen to help spread the good word.  Wanna see the world premiere of Madsen’s new anti-texting PSA for the Alamo Drafthouse?  It’s after the jump, folks.

alamo-drafthouse-01If you’ve ever been to the Alamo Drafthouse, then you’re already aware that each and every screening is accompanied by a special no talking/no texting PSA.  More often than not, these PSA’s are tied into the film you’re about to see in some way:  a film starring Michael Cera will be paired with the PSA Cera filmed with Jonah Hill, for instance, or a Young Adult screening might feature the PSA Patton Oswalt filmed when he was in town.  These PSA’s are frequently hilarious, but they also serve a purpose:  they help reinforce the Drafthouse’s rigid no talking/no texting policy, a thing that any Drafthouse fan will tell you is not to be trifled with.

Amazingly enough, one still hears about the occasional, uninformed Drafthouse-goer who insists on violating this rule, and…well, things never turn out well for those unfortunate souls.  We’re wondering, however, if the Drafthouse’s newest PSA—starring Reservoir Dogs’ Mr. Blonde himself, Michael Madsen—might be terrifying enough to put an end to the talkers/texters once and for all.

The good folks at the Drafthouse just sent over Madsen’s PSA.  Let’s see how he did:

Yikes.  Who would dare to talk after seeing that?  A very stupid filmgoer, that’s who.

Just this past week, the Drafthouse screened Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs as part of its BANGARANG series (for those of you that are unfamiliar with BANGARANG, their tagline says it all: “90’s nostalgia at its best!”), and Madsen was on-hand to introduce the film and take part in a lengthy—not to mention hilarious—post-screening Q&A.  If you’re curious to see what that was like, check out some of the clips below (be forewarned, however, that Madsen may or may not use some NSFW language in these clips, so adjust your speaker volume accordingly):

What do you think, folks?  Wouldja dare to speak or text during a movie with the threat of Michael Madsen hanging over your heads?  Surprised by how loose and personable Madsen seems in those Q&A clips?  Bummed you didn’t make the screening?  We wanna know about it, so sound off in the comments section below, and—as always—stay tuned for more from the Alamo Drafthouse as it becomes available.


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