Michael Sheen Exclusive Video Interview THE DAMNED UNITED

     October 4, 2009

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Opening this Friday, in New York and Los Angeles, is director Tom Hooper’s “The Damned United”. The film was written by Peter Morgan and it stars Michael Sheen as Brian Clough – the very famous and very controversial football coach of Leeds United. At least he was for 44 days back in the 1974. Anyway, the film tells the story of where Brian Clough came from and what happened in those 44 days. As you might imagine, Michael Sheen completely disappears in the part and while I’m not a big football (soccer) fan, I really enjoyed “The Damned United” and think if you follow any sport, you’ll also enjoy this movie. So to help promote the film, I recently sat down with this great actor and our conversation is after the jump.

And if you’d like to watch some clips from “The Damned United”, click here.

Michael Sheen

  • True or false: he will only work with Peter Morgan
  • How did he get involved with the project
  • Did he know how much of a love story it was going to be
  • How does he pick his projects
  • How much research did he do for the film
  • Tron Legacy talk

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