TROLL 2 Actor Making His Feature Directorial Debut DESTROY with Help From BLACK SWAN Producer

     February 16, 2011


If you’ve seen Troll 2, you know that it’s quite possible the worst movie ever made. And if you’ve seen the documentary Best Worst Movie, you know that the cult following behind Troll 2 is intense. Well, the success of Best Worst Movie, which was written and directed by Troll 2 child star Michael Stephenson, has given Stephenson the opportunity to write and direct his first feature film. The dark comedy Destroy tells the story of a man who thinks he’s a vampire hunter saving the world, but in reality is simply murdering countless innocent old men. Brilliant.

Heat Vision reports that Stephenson has enlisted the help of Jennifer Roth, one of the producers of Black Swan, to help him secure financing for the flick. He co-wrote the script with Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse Cinema programmer Zack Carlson. The film will shoot in Eastern Europe and is currently in the early stages of casting.

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