Michael Weston Exclusive Video Interview – Wizard World

     March 19, 2008

Last weekend I attended Wizard World here in Los Angeles and managed to interview a number of people. While I’ve already posted some of the videos a few days ago, tonight you’ll see the rest. Up first…Michael Weston.

While you may not know Michael’s name, you might recognize his face. He’s been in a lot of movies and TV shows like “Six Feet Under” and “Garden State.” He’s one of those guys that you know his face…but don’t yet know his name.

Anyway, the reason I got to talk with him is he’s one of the leads in the upcoming movie “Pathology.” The film arrives April 18th and the reason you should care is that it’s written by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor – the men behind the great movie “Crank.” Here’s the synopsis followed by the interview:

Some say that Pathology is a window to God. Pathologists see the perversion and corruption of the flesh by all means unnatural…by violence…by toxin…by madness… to determine the cause of death. As a result they are the experts in all signs of foul play and the best in the field can uncover all means of killing, even those that are seemingly undetectable.

When medical student Ted Gray (Milo Ventimiglia) graduates top of his class he joins one of the nation’s most prestigious Pathology programs. With talent and determination Ted is quickly noticed by the program’s privileged and elite band of interns who invite him into their crowd. Intrigued by his new friends he begins to uncover secrets he never expected and finds that he has unknowingly become a pawn in their dangerous and secret after-hours game at the morgue of who can commit the perfect undetectable murder. As Ted becomes seduced into their wild extracurricular activities the danger becomes real and he must stay one step ahead of the game before he is the next victim.

As I always do, I’ve listed what we talked about above the interview. And if you’ve missed some of my recent video interviews, here are some links – Emile Hirsch, Christian Bale, America Ferrara and Get Smart Director Peter Segal, Producer Joel Silver, Seth Rogen, Robert Downey Jr.,Milo Ventimiglia and Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.

Michael Weston

  • Has it been frustrating waiting for Pathology to come out

  • He talks about his character and what it was like to make the film

  • How did he get involved in the project

  • Since we were at Wizard World, I asked if he was into comics and stuff like that

  • He talks about his part in State of Play and a movie that he is writing and directing

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