Michel Gondry Exclusive Video Interview

     December 18, 2008

As most of you know, Collider is partnered with the Brazilian website Omelete. That’s why anytime you watch a video on Collider, you see two logos. Sometimes they use out exclusives, and sometimes we use theirs. It’s a great marriage for both sites.

Anyway, Marcelo Forlani from Omelete recently spoke to Michel Gondry about “Be Kind Rewind”, his next movie with Daniel Clowes, shooting on video, and a lot more. Here’s Marcelo and the interview:

Written by Marcelo Forlani

Since the days he used to do advertising movies and music clips for guys like Beck, Björk, Foo Fighters, Chemical Brothers and White Stripes,Michel Gondry proves himself as one of the most creativefilmmakers of our time.His work got better known in the movie business when he made the wonderful “Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind” (2004), that won the Academy Award of Best Original Screenplay, result of a work done by Pierre Bismuth, Gondry himself and another very creative (and a bit “crazy”) dude: Charlie Kaufman.

He came to Brazil to promote not only the theatrical release of his “Be Kind Rewind” but also the exhibition (created with NYC’sDeitch Gallery) with the same name, that allows visitors to make their own movies in the sets used in the original movie, starred by Mos Deff, Jack Black and Danny Glover.

Omelete spoke with him during an autograph session of the book that explains the method he created to this interactive exhibition. We tried to speak in French, but apparently our “croissant” intonations is not good enough, so he answered all the questions in Frenglish :-)

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