Michelle Rodriguez Exclusive Video Interview BATTLE: LOS ANGELES

     March 9, 2011

Michelle Rodriguez Interview BATTLE: LOS ANGELES slice

With director Jonathan Liebesman’s Battle: Los Angeles opening this weekend, I got to speak with most of the cast at the Los Angeles press junket.  As most of you know, the film tells the story of an alien invasion as seen through the eyes of a Marine platoon headed up by Aaron Eckhart.  The film also stars Michelle Rodriguez, Bridget Moynahan, Michael Pena and Ramon Rodriguez.  You can watch some clips and read the full synopsis here.

Anyway, every day this week I’ve been posting a different interview and today I’ve got Michelle Rodriguez.  During the interview we talked about the boot camp, making the film, how did the film compare to what she thought it would be when she signed on, does she ever want to direct, and karaoke.  Hit the jump to watch:

Finally, if you missed my other video interviews with the cast, here are some links:  Aaron Eckhart, Ramon Rodriguez and Bridget Moynahan & Michael Pena.  And one last thing, I got to see Battle: Los Angeles again last night and liked it even more the second time.  It’s really well done.  Definitely recommended.

Michelle Rodriguez

  • Karaoke talk
  • How did the movie compared to what she thought it would be when she signed on. Talks about what she asked before she would sign on
  • How much does she pay attention on set to directors to try and learn the biz
  • Does she ever want to direct
  • The rehearsal process and the boot camp on this film



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