‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Recruits Michelle Yeoh

     November 22, 2016


It’s been a bit of a rocky start for Star Trek‘s highly-anticipated return to TV, Star Trek Discovery  the series faced some delays, is launching on the largely untested platform CBS All Access, and showrunner Brian Fuller recently stepped down after some scheduling “strain” — but the pieces are all there for Discovery to be something really special. Fuller, a self-professed diehard Trekkie, remains on board as a creative partner to new showrunners, executive producers Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts, reliable Star Trek scribe Nicholas Meyer is still in the mix, and according to a new report, Discovery has secured at least one cast member, and it’s a good’n.

In an interview with ComingSoon, Meyer revealed that international action star Michelle Yeoh is set to star in Discovery. Yeoh is best known for kicking ass in her roles as Bond girl Wai Lin in Tomorrow Never Dies and as Yu Shu Lien in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which she reprised earlier this year in the Netflix sequel Sword of Destiny. Yeoh also stars on the Netflix series Marco Polo and appeared in Morgan and Mechanic: Resurrection this year.


Image via Netflix

Meyer did not reveal which role Yeoh would take on, but she seems a natural fit for the previously revealed lead character, referred to as “Number One”, who will be a female, human, non-captain Starfleet officer.

Fuller previously revealed that he and fellow executive producer Alex Kurtzman—who co-wrote the 2009 Star Trek feature film as well as Star Trek Into Darkness— co-penned the first installment of Star Trek Discovery, while Meyer scripted the second hour. Meyer was a huge get for the series, a respected Star Trek scribe who previously penned arguably the best Star Trek films: Wrath of Khan, The Voyage Home, and The Undiscovered Country

Star Trek Discovery is scheduled to premiere on CBS All Access May 2017. For more, check out some of our recent coverage below: