Watch: Jack Reynor & Ari Aster Discuss Creating ‘Midsommar’s Bad Boyfriend in Exclusive Blu-ray Clip

     October 4, 2019

There’s a lot of ways to be a bad boyfriend. Some people are abusive, some people are unfaithful, and some people are just downright selfish and self-centered to the bitter end. On that last note, ladies and gentlemen, meet Christian, the bad boyfriend from Ari Aster‘s stunning sophomore feature Midsommar, who has become one of the love-to-hate-him hits of the year, a regular talking point on twitter, and undoubtedly, the cause of several arguments between couples who should have broken up a long time ago.

Today, we’ve got a new exclusive behind-the-scenes Blu-ray clip that offers a look at how writer/director Aster and star Jack Reynor created the character and a glimpse into Christian’s mentality. Reynor, who gives a fantastic performance as the out-of-touch teddybear, offers a bit more empathy than the internet has towards Christian. “He’s torn about where he stands with this girl, who’s kind of lost her whole family and he’s kind of like the one consistent person in her life now,” Reynor says, “and I think that he definitely loves her, but at the same time, he feels he needs to move away from her too.”

Midsommar is now available on digital and arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on October 8. Check out the full home video details here, and check out our exclusive peek below.

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