‘Mike Birbiglia: The New One’ Stand-Up Special Coming to Netflix November 26

     October 21, 2019

Comedian/filmmaker Mike Birbiglia (My Girlfriend’s BoyfriendDon’t Think Twice) broke into the mainstream comedy scene with What I Should Have Said Was Nothing, a special equal parts riotously funny and surprisingly vulnerable. But frankly, we’re always glad when Birbiglia says anything — his is a comic voice we need more of. That’s why we were thrilled to see Birbiglia announce his latest live special, the Broadway-honed The New One, is coming to Netflix worldwide on November 26. Happy Thanksgiving!

The New One, the live performance of which won Birbiglia a dang Drama Desk Award for his troubles, finds the comedian reckoning with the primal terrors that come with being a father. Fun… right? If you’ve never seen a Birbiglia performance or film before, know that he eschews your typical stand-up rhythms for a more nuanced, one-man-show-esque performance that will devastate you emotionally right before devastating your damn funny bones with a perfectly crafted joke. Netflix previously filmed a special version of Broadway comedy show Oh, Hello On Broadway with Nick Kroll and John Mulaney. That special will make you laugh more than literally any other piece of media ever recorded, and we hope The New One continues Netflix’s trend of adapting cool New York comedy theatre to a worldwide audience. Heck, Netflix, why not just film legit Broadway musicals, too? I’d love to finally see Dear Evan Hansen!


Image via IFC Films

Below, check out the official synopsis from Netflix, and Birbiglia’s tweet announcing the special. And if you live in Los Angeles and want to see the live version to brag to your friends who have to wait until Netflix, he’s performing The New One at the Ahmanson Theatre from October 23 through November 24 — his last performances of the show. For more on Birbiglia, check out the time he called out the MPAA on their ratings hypocrisy BS.

Comedian and storyteller Mike Birbiglia brings his award-winning Broadway show, Mike Birbiglia: The New One, to a global audience for his newest and most highly anticipated Netflix comedy special. Filmed at the Cort Theatre in Manhattan, Birbiglia brilliantly blends observational and confessional comedy as he struggles with the existential question of whether he wants to bring a child into the world.

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