Kate Siegel and Director Mike Flanagan on ‘Hush’, ‘Before I Wake’ and ‘Ouija 2’

     April 8, 2016

Now playing on Netflix is writer-director Mike Flanagan’s (Oculus, Before I Wake) horror film Hush. The film stars Kate Siegel (who also co-wrote the script) as a reclusive writer that’s retreated from society after losing her hearing as a teenager. One night, a masked psychotic killer appears in her window (John Gallagher Jr.), and what follows is a horrifying game of cat and mouse where only one can survive.

While the film takes place in one location, Flanagan has crafted a tense thriller that never slows down and constantly keeps you guessing as to what might happen next. It helps that the characters make real world decisions that feel organic and real to the situation. If you live well made thrillers, I definitely recommend checking it out on Netflix this weekend.

hush-movie-imageLast week I conducted an extended video interview with Kate Siegel and Mike Flanagan. They talked about their writing process, the way the film got made, how Die Hard influenced Hush, what they’re working on now, why Ouija 2 will be better than the first one, the status of Before I Wake, and so much more.

Kate Siegel, Mike Flanagan:

  • How Die Hard influenced Hush, and the writing process.
  • On the gore balance, and the stakes that arise from the character’s deafness.
  • What’s the movie that Siegel and Flanagan watch on a Friday night?
  • Who did they show the Hush script to for notes and reactions?
  • How they developed the second half of the script.
  • The difference between the first and last cut of the film.
  • Are there Easter eggs in Hush to tie into other universes or previous films?
  • What Flanagan can tell people of Before I Wake in light of Relativity’s bankruptcy claim.
  • On what a pushed back release date really means.
  • What Siegel and Flanagan are working on now, and their American Horror Story-inspired idea.
  • On their involvement with Ouija 2, and why it is not the movie you’re expecting.
  • On the struggles of filmmaking.


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