Mike Mitchell and Mondo Take on Marvel with Portraits of Wolverine, Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Many More

     April 28, 2014


Artist Mike Mitchell, Marvel, and Mondo all complement each other rather nicely, don’t you think?  If you’re a fan of any or all of the above mentioned Ms, you’re going to love this new gallery showing.  Mitchell’s superheroic work will be on display for a couple of weeks before (whatever’s left) makes its way to the Mondo website for sale.  Follow their Twitter account for future updates, and check out this newsletter for details on which pieces will be available for sale online at a random time tomorrow.

The Mondo Gallery show opened this past weekend and will continue through May 17 at 4115 Guadalupe Street, Austin TX.  If you can’t make it to Austin to pick up some of Mitchell’s work in person, then keep another eye on Mondo’s website to see when more artwork will be available.  Hit the jump to take a look at the artwork from “Mike Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo” and “Just Like Us.”

Here’s a word from Mitchell, followed by a huge gallery of his work for Mondo:

“My love for Marvel Comics was an integral part of growing up. Not just the comics, but the action figures, video games and cartoons. My intention with this show was to take those characters out of their action-oriented world and give them a moment of silence to catch their breath. There’s a humanizing quality to that which I find extremely interesting. This has easily been the most ambitious project I’ve ever taken on, and it’s due in part to my love for their universe; which is fictional by definition, but real in my mind and in the minds of others.”

“Mike Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo”

Ant-Man-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Archangel-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Beast-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Bishop-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel BlackCat-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel BlackPanther-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Bullseye-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Cable-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Captain America-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Colosus-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Cyclops-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Daredevil-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Daredevil-variant--Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Deadpool-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel DocOck-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel DrStrange-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Gambit-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel GhostRider-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Green Goblin-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Hawkeye-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Hulk-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Iron Fist-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel IronMan_Mach1-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel IronMan_SilverAge-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Jubilee-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Kraven-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Loki-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Luke Cage-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Magneto-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel MODOK-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Moon_Knight-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Mysterio-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Mystique-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Nightcrawler-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Puck-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Punisher-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Red Hulk-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Red Skull-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Rogue-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Scarlet Witch-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Sentinel-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel SPIDERMAN-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel SpiderMan-variant-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Storm-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Thor_Beard-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Thor-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Venom-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Vision-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel WarMachine-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Weapon X-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Wolverine-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel Wolverine-variant-Mike-Mitchell-Mondo-Marvel

“Just Like Us”

mike-mitchell-just-like-us-cyclops mike-mitchell-just-like-us-Deadpool mike-mitchell-just-like-us-ghostirder mike-mitchell-just-like-us-Hawkeye mike-mitchell-just-like-us-Kraven mike-mitchell-just-like-us-MODOK mike-mitchell-just-like-us-Mysterio mike-mitchell-just-like-us-Punisher mike-mitchell-just-like-us-Rogue mike-mitchell-just-like-us-Sandman mike-mitchell-just-like-us-Thor mike-mitchell-just-like-us-VENOM


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