Mike Myers to Voice Pepé Le Pew in Live-Action/CGI Adaptation

     October 7, 2010


Mike Myers is set to voice the overly-amorous skunk Pepé Le Pew in a new live-action/CGI adaptation.  Vulture reports that Warner Bros. is trying to take advantage of their cast of Looney Tunes characters, but I personally think Le Pew is an odd place to start.  All of his shorts were the same: Penelope Pussycat gets white paint on her, Le Pew thinks she’s a skunk, and then tries to mount her for the rest of the sketch until he discovers she’s actually a cat.  However, the character did star in the Oscar-winning animated short For Scent-imental Reasons in 1949, so maybe his shtick wasn’t tired back then.

But how do you make that character appealing over sixty years later?  Live-action/CGI hybrid!  In the upcoming adaptation, Le Pew and Penelope will be CGI but everything else will be live-action.  Market-research-that-I-just-made-up shows that kids will only like classic cartoon characters if those characters are placed in live-action settings.

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