Mila Kunis talks about Director Darren Aronofsky’s BLACK SWAN and DATE NIGHT

     August 23, 2009

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Earlier today I got to participate in a roundtable interview with Mila Kunis as she’s out promoting Mike Judge’s new film “Extract”. While I’ll have a complete transcript closer to release, since I got her to talk about Darren Aronfsky’s “Black Swan”, I figured you might want to read those comments right now.

As you might have already heard, the rumor is Mila and Natalie Portman have “aggressive sex” in “Black Swan”. While she wouldn’t confirm or deny the story, she did talk about what she’s doing to train for the role and how she just got a new re-write last weekend. Read exactly what she said after the jump:

Here’s the highlights about “Black Swan”:

  • She just got a re-write of the script last weekend
  • Filming begins November and it’s for 3 months
  • Mila describes the film as a psychological thriller with a lot of twists and turns
  • She’s training 7 days a week for 4 hours a day

mila_kunis__1_.jpgFinally, Mila has also filmed a cameo in Steve Carell and Tina Fey’s “Date Night” movie and her comments are at the end of the article.

Question: The internet is abuzz with the ‘Black Swan’ project. Can you talk about doing that?

Kunis: Yeah. I can talk about it. Yes, it is a go. I’m starting production in November and for the past, we started a month ago with the ballet training and I have two more months of training before choreography begins and we start actual production in New York City.

And it’s you and Natalie Portman?

Kunis: Yeah.

There’s been a lot in the last two weeks about you two having some interesting scenes together.

Kunis: Yes. I’ve heard about this from everybody. I mean, something got out. Here’s what I don’t fully understand and then I’ll answer this question. The script is so under lock and key that I can’t imagine anyone really truly ever getting a hold of it.

So you’re denying the story that’s online?

Kunis: I can’t really deny or confirm because I’m not aloud to talk about the script but all I’m going to say is that I can’t imagine anyone getting their hands on this project. Does that make sense?

Totally. Is there a reason for the high level of secrecy with this project?

Kunis: It’s a psychological thriller and so there is a lot of twists and turns, I guess you could say, and I think that Darren Aronofsky who’s directing it is a very…he just did the last rewrite on it and he’s very private about this one rewrite. So I don’t know how anyone could’ve ever gotten it. I have a copy but mine is so watermarked that you would know it came from me. Natalie has a copy and I’m guessing that there are, let’s say, two more out there.

So you just got a recent rewrite?


Kunis: I just got a recent rewrite last weekend.

Is the rewrite you just got a lot different than, say, a previous version or is it just tweaks?

Kunis: I can’t say. I mean, I can’t. I will get in trouble. I would love to tell you and the day that I’m able to tell you the story I will be so happy to but I can’t. I can’t even say.

How long is the filming process?

Kunis: So we’re doing ballet training for a couple of months and then we start shooting in November. November, December, January. So three months.

Have you had any kind of dance training before?

Kunis: Well, I’m off doing it. Am I freaked out, absolutely. Yeah, it’s not what you think it’s going to be. It’s seven days a week on average at about four hours a day and you contort your body. It’s one of those things where nothing that you do in ballet is natural. Not a single movement. Not your body posture. Not your stance. My bones are all cracked. I’ve torn ligaments. If you look at your hips, your hips are placed like this. My hips are now turned around like this. You just have to do it like that because everything is tucked. Look at that muscle. That never existed. I sit like this. I normally slouch. Now I’m forced to sit with my shoulders tucked back. It’s so weird and so uncomfortable and unnatural and it hurts. Yes, it’s hard.

mila_kunis__2_.jpgSo you won’t be adopting that for life?

Kunis: Oh, no. I mean, it is an amazing workout. As far as a full body workout goes it’s insane and very intense, but boy, do I have more respect for ballerinas than I’ve ever had in my life.

You have another film called ‘Date Night’. Can you talk about that?

Kunis: Sure. ‘Date Night’ is a movie about Tina Fey and Steve Carrell and they go on a date in Manhattan and then hilarity ensues when they start getting chased by the mob. In the process of being chased by the mob they encounter funny characters. It’s all cameos. So James Franco and I play husband and wife. I’m a stripper and he’s my husband/pimp. They encounter us at home, so like after I finish stripping for the day. I come home and Tina Fey and Steve Carrell have broken into our house.

Tina Fey and Steve Carrell are like the one two punch right now.

Kunis: I cannot explain to you how many times I laughed in those two days that I was there. I don’t ever remember laughing more. I screwed up so many takes because I could not stop laughing. Steve Carrell, looking at him just makes me laugh. I’m a huge, huge, huge fan of Steve Carrell and Tina Fey for years. So James and I are in this one scene, it’s just James and I and Steve Carrell for two and a half days and we were both just like little kids in a candy store. We were mesmerized by these two actors because truly they are so brilliant to watch because every take is different. They’re very much into improv. So you have to keep up. So I’ll tell you it’s all improv and Shawn Levy directed it and he would do two takes from what’s on paper and then go off and do whatever you want to do. I was like, ‘Oh, shit. Okay. I have to be funny. I have to be funny.’ I was so nervous and we did it off paper and I made Steve Carrell break and when I made him break I was like, ‘I’m done. I’m so done. I never need to do anything ever again in my entire life.’ When Tina Fey was like, ‘That was really funny.’ I was like, ‘It was? It was? OK.’ I felt so relieved. It was insane.

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