Mindy Kaling Talks ‘The Office’ Revival, Gives an Update on Kelly Kapoor

     January 23, 2019

the-officeTalk of a revival for NBC’s U.S. version of The Office has been running rampant lately, and while I’m still a little stitious about jinxing such a wonderful thing, that hasn’t stopped every outlet in existence asking the cast about getting the crew back together. Next up, Mindy Kaling, who was not only on the writing staff from day one but also played the increasingly unbalanced customer service rep Kelly Kapoor for all nine seasons.

Speaking to Variety about her new comedy Late Night, Kaling certainly didn’t give an answer either way on a return to Dunder Mifflin but did hint she’d probably follow the U.S. Office creator Greg Daniels to most places.

“Would I be open to an Office reboot?” Kaling said. “I think that anything Greg decided to do—Greg Daniels—I would watch, and love, and want to help him with.”

The actress and performer did offer up her own personal update on Kelly, who may or may not—but probably may—currently be in jail for murdering B.J. Novak‘s Ryan Howard.

“There’s not an insignificant part of me that thinks that Kelly might be in jail. Crime of passion?” Kaling said. “The character just kept getting a little more and more unhinged. I don’t want to say that she murdered Ryan but I am also not convinced that he’s still alive in the world of The Office.”

Check out what Kaling had to say [via Variety] below.

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