The ‘Minecraft’ Movie Lands a New Release Date at Warner Bros.

     April 16, 2019

For a movie that is almost exclusively about putting blocks into place, the Minecraft adaptation has had a host of issues laying down a solid foundation. But according to the game’s official site, the long-in-the-works Warner Bros. project has for-real for-real landed a release date: March 4, 2022.

That’s a long way off from the film’s originally slated premiere date of March 24, 2019, a.k.a, uh, one month from right now. But a lot has happened behind the scenes of the film, which is based on the massively popular sandbox video game released in 2011. The film adaptation was born from the success of The LEGO Movie in 2014, with LEGO producer Roy Lee spearheading the project. Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum) was originally brought in to direct but dropped off the project due to scheduling. Stepping up in Levy’s absence was Rob McElhenney, co-creator and star of FXX’s long-running It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. After McElhenney also departed Minecraft to get shot in the face by Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones, the studio brought Peter Sollett aboard. Sollett is probably best known for Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, but he’s also helmed TV episodes of shows like Vinyl and The Path.

There’s no word on whether the project is still using the draft co-written by McElhenney and Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman), but the new release date announcement also came with a bit of a synopsis:

So, what do you have to look forward to, roughly 25,000 hours from now? Well, as you devour your movie snack of choice (we like a suspicious stew with a side of square watermelon), we’ll tell you the story of a teenage girl and her unlikely group of adventurers. After the malevolent Ender Dragon sets out on a path of destruction, they must save their beautiful, blocky Overworld.

Will audiences still be clamoring for a Minecraft adaptation in 2022? Were they ever…doing that? Stay tuned, I suppose.

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