Minka Kelly Exclusive Video Interview THE ROOMMATE

     February 3, 2011

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In Minka Kelly’s first leading role in Screen Gems The Roommate, she plays a freshman at the fictional University of Los Angeles, whose roommate (Leighton Meester) quickly reveals herself to be a psychopath. The actress, who is mainly known for her work on the television series Friday Night Lights, proves to be a very likeable on-screen presence.

I was fortunate to speak with Kelly last Saturday where we discussed: her excitement at her first leading film role, how filming on two university campuses (Loyola Marymount and USC) gave the film believability, how a final fight scene in the movie was physically and emotionally taxing, and finally her recount of how shooting Friday Night Lights on location gave the cast a focused mentality.  Hit the jump to see the interview.

Finally, before getting to the interview, you can watch some clips from The Roommate here.

Minka Kelly

  • 0:17—how she was approached for the role and was excited to work with Leighton
  • 0:42—how she initially was drawn to the darker role
  • 1:14—the authenticity that shooting on location gave to the film
  • 1:30—the process of coordinating the movie’s final fight scene
  • 2:19—what shooting Friday Night Lights on location gave to both the show and to the cast and crew

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