Have You Seen This Missing Batman Artwork? It Could Be Worth $5,000

     February 26, 2016


Artist Bill Sienkiewicz took to social media earlier today to express an understandable level of fury and frustration. It seems a fantastic piece of his artwork that featured a hulking Batman brooding behind a wild-eyed Joker has gone missing somewhere on the delivery route to its intended recipient in France. There aren’t too many details available at this point except that: the artwork is gone, Sienkiewicz is pissed, and the Internet has been alerted.

Here’s where you come in. You can help save the Batman. How often do you get that opportunity? And, if successful, you could even net a cool $5,000 for the return of the unique bit of artwork. The very least you can do, as many have on social media today, is simply share the story and get the word out. More importantly, get this image out in front of as many eyeballs as you can so that, if and when it shows up, the potential buyer will hopefully be wary.

Take a look at Sienkiewicz’s artwork in full below:


Image via Bill Sienkiewicz

And here’s what Sienkiewicz had to say about the theft on Twitter:

The message was quickly spread by fans, upstanding citizens like Jon Schnepp of Collider Heroes, and notable celebrities like Jock and Guillermo del Toro:

Sienkiewicz followed up the outpouring of support with more of an explanation via his Facebook post:

My deepest thanks and gratitude to everyone who’s shared and posted news of the stolen art. I’m honored to know such…

Posted by Bill Sienkiewicz on Friday, February 26, 2016

Then, as CBR confirmed, Sienkiewicz is offering $5,000 for anyone who’s able to return the piece. Pass any and all information on to Sienkiewicz or his art dealer Sal Abbinanti, or the appropriate authorities, and SAVE THE BATMAN!


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