New Clips for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL Highlight New Cast Member Jeremy Renner

     November 21, 2011


Paramount has released two new clips for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.  The primary purpose seems to be to highlight the new character played by Jeremy Renner.  In one clip, Renner banters capably with Simon Pegg; in the next, he gets in on the action in a scene aptly titled “Fan Jump.”  In the footage we’ve seen so far, Renner fits in well in the Mission: Impossible world.  That spells good things for this movie, obviously, but is especially good news since it was rumored early on that Renner may assume the lead in future Mission: Impossible films.

Focusing on the present, Tom Cruise is still the headliner of what looks to be one of the more entertaining releases this holiday season. Paula Patton, Josh Holloway, Michael Nyqvist, Lea Seydoux, and Tom Wilkinson join Renner and Pegg in the supporting cast.  Directed by Brad Bird, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol opens on December 16.  Watch the clips after the break.

Via Yahoo!:

Official synopsis:

This is not just another mission. The IMF is shut down when it’s implicated in a global terrorist bombing plot. Ghost Protocol is initiated and Ethan Hunt and his rogue new team must go undercover to clear their organization’s name. No help, no contact, off the grid. You have never seen a mission grittier and more intense than this.


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